Dattopant Thengadi

Dattopant Ji
Dattopant Thengadi was an eminent ideologue, activist, and an organisation builder. His books, writings, speeches and directions serve as our intellectual beacon. He founded key organisations including Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh, Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, Swadeshi Jagran Manch etc.
The Third Way
Many leading thinkers have been exploring alternatives to the human-devoidant concepts of progress and to the trading systems and practices derived from those concepts. At the ideological level, communism is now defunct, while capitalism is terminally ill. Time is this opportune for projecting a more humane, non exploitative, holistic and spiritually elevating "Third Way".
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What We Do

Nationalist Approach

Propagate and publicize the nationalist thought of Shree Dattopant Thengadi.


  We research & analyse the current scenario for improvising the future.


Popularize the ideas and thoughts related to the causes directly to social well-being.

Let’s come along and work together to improve the well being of our needful fellows.

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