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The foundation is a non-profit organisation established on 19th of January 2016 with the aim to function as an independent think tank in the area of labour and economic policies and to engage with other national and international, governmental and non-governmental bodies working in the areas of interest. One of the key goals of the institution is to promote the rights of workers and pitch for social dialogue at all levels of the government and policy making. We strive to bring change in the lives of millions of workers through such interventions, assist the government and non-government bodies in formulating labour friendly laws and monitor implementation of ILO conventions in the country.  Until date we have raised several issues concerning the civil society and workers with different ministries of the  Indian Government in close collaboration with Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, world’s largest democratic trade union, and actively assisted their solution. We hope to keep up the good work as part of civil society and keep working in the field of economic, social and labour policies and influence/get influenced by  other bodies involved in such activities.

Our Team

Vrijesh Upadhyay

Director General

Shikha Gautam

Research Director



Vivek Kumar

Associate Researcher



Shweta Arya

International collaborations

Rajshekhar Singh

Strategic Communications and Outreach

Tanushka Puri

Research Intern

Sanchi Pahwa

Research Intern


Web Developer

Director General



We are glad to have you here.

It is a great pleasure to share with you that Dattopant Thengadi Foundation (DTF) has been established as a non-profit organization to work in the field of social, economic, and labor policy of the country in close collaboration with other civil society organizations that work in related fields. We at DTF look to indulge in groundbreaking research in these areas and impact policy-making processes for a better, more diversified, and democratic India. We at DTF look to undertake wide-ranging activities from educating the workers about their rights, monitoring the application of ILO conventions, promoting social dialogue, studying microeconomic factors affecting the macroeconomic factors including markets, deducing the impact of government policies, intervening in policy-making in related areas among others.

The foundation has been named after eminent trade unionist and nationalist leader Shri Dattopant Thengadi Ji, founder of several organizations like Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh, and Swadeshi Jagran Manch among others. The foundation looks to carry forward his ideas for the welfare of humankind. We look forward to working on the thoughts of other Indian thinkers and propagating a human-centric thought and road of Indian development.

We have an eminent team of academics, researchers, and experienced people from civil society and trade unions to support us in this endeavor. We look forward to making an impact in the lives of workers and on the general population through our work. We hope to receive your support in our noble pursuit.

Warm Regards!

Virjesh Upadhyay

Let’s come along and work together to improve the well being of our needful fellows.

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